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New PM3520B lathe - Comments

David - Indianapolis
>I recently purchased a PM 3520B lathe and table extension and after setting it up, have a few comments and question.

Purchased the lathe through Osolnik Machinery. Mr. Osolnik seemed to have a good reputation through this site and offered a good deal on the lathe. Not the best, but with a $2500+ purchase, a couple of bucks difference is not an issue if it comes down to customer service. The best price I have seen online is through toolnut. Mr. Osolnik was pleasant to deal with, provided lots of communication and responded promptly when I let him know that the hinge on the door covering the belts was damaged.

The lathe itself was packaged nicely, and arrived undamaged (other than the hinge). During the assembly, everything went together well except for the bed extension. I found that I had to drill out the three mounting holes on the bed extension by 3/64 to be able to center the extension with the main bed. Preferred to do it this way as I didn't want to wait for another delivery. Also, not a big deal for me but it may be for some trying to drill through > 1/2 of cast iron with a large bit.

Otherwise, fit and finish were nice, all the parts went together well and this lathe is quite an impressive piece of equipment.

Now for my question. Across the entire lathe, the alignment between the head stock and tail stock centers is the same. However, the alignment is off by approximately 7 thousandths. Is this an issue?
While I would prefer it to be perfect, is this going to make a difference when working with wood.

In terms of chucks, I would like to purchase one (if I can) and am thinking about the oneway stronghold or talon. Any other recommendations or comments on these?



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