Turning Archive 2008

A few amateur questions. I'm the amateur.

Ray Carson - Lawrenceville, NJ
>To the turning crew,

I find the process of pen turning very interesting and have been tempted many times to try my hand at some. It seems as though there is a lot involved with the whole process though. The "mini" lathes, mini tools, pen assembly ram thingy that installs the insert thing. (sorry, I'm weak on the technical terms but I DO understand the process) so...........

1) Okay...anything is possible, right? Is it possible, or should I ask, is it a difficult process to turn pens on a large lathe? Large meaning not a "mini" lathe.

2) Do I need a "mini" lathe?

3) What are some of the basic tools, speciality tools and accesories needed to make and assemble pens? What do I need to try a go at making a FEW pens.

4) Unless your making a lot of pens, is it worth while making just a few pens? Few being 12 or less. You know, just because you like playing football with the guys, it doesn't mean you have the "stuff" to play in the NFL. I don't want to spend tons of money on something that may not be bag. I may find it very frustrating. Maybe I'm thinking of defeat before I actually try, but I would like to test my skills.

By the way, I've looked into my local woodworking groups and there aren't many. I only know of one and it's a VERY basic handy man special type program. How to use a hand saw, how to hold a hammer and drive a nail without smashiing your finger...not that smashing your finger isn't important...but I know how to use a handsaw. That woodworking school wouldn't help me much.

5)Last question....can anyone recommend a book, website, DVD, etc. that might help or give me some insight to my questions.

Any advice is appreciated.

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