Turning Archive 2008

powermatic 3520B lathe

don lewonczyk
>TO Jim who just ordered a 3520B lathe but hasn't gotten it yet. Where did you order it from and what did it cost you total if you don't mind me asking? I'm thinking about one and the mail in rebate is only good to spend in a wood store almost like a gift card would be. The best price I could find was $2575.99 minus the $100 rebate. I'll pick it up myself as I only live 90 miles south of the warehouse in TN so there will be no shipping cost just my time and gas. I have a Nova DVR 3000 which is an excellent lathe and all my chucks will work on the 3520B so I'll have a heavier lathe and more hosrepower with the powermatic plus I can do bigger turnings. The outboard stand for the tool rest is $500, I think I can get a machine shop to do one for half that or make one myself, finding time is my problem and age. Thanks for your help. DonL

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