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3 phase power? *PIC*


So, I'm moving to a new Artists Co-op and my studio has plenty of 110 and what looks to be a 3 phase connection. (the voltages are odd, with 240/240/0 to neutral and 240 between all 3 switched) I've got an electrician coming to survey the situation, but, I'm unsure of what my equipment can handle.

I've got a Grizzly Bandsaw rewired for 220, Powermatic 3520A, and a 3hp Unisaw. Optimally, I'd get regular 220 service (or 221, whatever it takes :)), option "B" would be std WYE 3 phase w/ 110 on each leg.

If I can get option "B": I've heard rumor the powermatic can be wired for 3 phase, and I'm told that the unisaw/bandsaw would "work" on 2 out of 3 legs, abeit less efficiently. The only heavily loaded motor would be the bandsaw as 99% of the unisaw work is segments.

I won't take any action w/o the help of a professional, but, I'd appreciate any advice or supporting documentation/links on what the equipment will support.

Warm Regards,

Ray, Columbus Ohio...

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3 phase power? *PIC*
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