Turning Archive 2008

mirror drilling jig *PIC*

john lucas
>I spent part of the last 2 days working on this drilling jig. I've been drilling my mirrors the hard way for years. I decided it was time to make something that had a micro adjustable table, and an easy way to clamp the mirrors. This is what I came up with. It works great.

I also made a woodturning tool rest for my metal lathe. I'm working with a glass artist who wants to add metal parts to his glass. A few weeks ago I taught him to turn them using a wood lathe but it's really slow and you get too much chatter. These are long thin tapered pieces. I rigged up the metal lathe so we could rough them out using the metal tools and cross feed. then Put the wood tool rest on and fine tune the shape with spindle gouges and scrapers. This worked great. If you want to see how much longer a Thompson tool lasts turn metal. I turned one whole spindle with the Thompson gouge. I have to sharpen HSS tools at least 3 times or more to turn the same spindle.

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