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Inlaid Boxes ** 5 Pics **

Ron in Drums PA
>This one is a Bubinga Box with Maple Burl and Ebony inlay. About 4" tall

This is some Spalted Maple that Andy DePietro gave me. Ebony and Bubinga inlay. I think there must be about 17 layers of lacquer on this and is close to 6" tall.

The inlay looks fuzzy in the picture, but in isn't in real life, the black is so shiny that is reflects everything. There's some goofy pixels showing up too, the lid is sanded properly with no tear out.

Okay, no inlay on this one. It's Kauri and the chatoyance is simply amazing, it shines like Tiger's Eye. I had a inlay planned, but after seeing the sparkle, I decided to let this one on it's own. This one is small at about 1-3/4" tall.

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