Turning Archive 2008

Sandpaper info needed

Joe Pack
>My sanding needs for pens, keychains, etc. have been met by using a decent 3M paper I bought on a 50% sale at Rockler a couple of years ago, but that has been lightweight stuff, and I can sand by looping the sandpaper under the object while keeping my fingers off the object...no friction burns on my tender little fingers.

Now I'm looking to move on to plates, bowls, etc. that require holding the paper more firmly with my hands, and also sanding more contours. The thin paper I have been using probably won't cut it. I don't know much about sandpaper; I can read the biggest words on the Klingspor page, but they don't mean much to me because I don't have a frame of reference. They could be selling exactly what I need, or they could be selling me a Cadillac to drive in a demolition derby and I wouldn't know the difference. I'm hoping folks here can educate me on what sandpapers I need for bowl work...grit ranges, backing material, etc. Also, do you have a favorite brand? Can you tell me why you prefer one brand over another?

Thanks. I'll look forward to reading and learning.

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