Turning Archive 2008

OT: Ebay, PayPal and risk

Stuart Johnson
>I'm in charge of selling a coin collection received from an uncle's estate. So far I've sold several proof sets over ebay and specified payment was to be made through paypal. This has worked very well but the amounts have been in the $50 - $100 range. I have a gold coin and some other proof sets that should go for several hundred dollars. What are the seller and actually buyer risks involved on these higher dollar transactions. I know as a seller I can wait to send the coins until PP give the go ahead. What about the buyer? I'm not a collector and can only say what I think is the coin's condition. Is there a special way these types of transactions are normally handled?

This is not a solicitation but if any of you are coin collectors and want to know what I have send me a private email. Also, if anyone cares I have a bunch of foreign paper money,coins and stamps I would be willing to trade for turning wood, tools or American money.

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