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Two days in the shop... *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I've actually had a lot of shop time this weekend, and I went to the Somerset, NJ Woodworking Show yesterday. Life is good.

I had just ordered some steel from Enco, and it came during the week, so I was on the lookout for "handle" material. I love curly and birdseye maple, but I didn't think I was going to get what I needed. I found a guy at the show that had these blanks for $1.25 each, and I picked the best of what he had left. Today, I bought brass compression fittings and decided to turn them down. A sharp spindle gouge was all it took. The steel is 1/4" O1, and heat treated with a MAPP torch. Overall, I guess they're about 18" long.

I used them to make the flat hollowform in the picture in the next post. They cut great. The back of the handles are branded with a symbol so that I can see them easily in my tool rack behind the lathe. If I had everything in the shop when I had started, I'm guessing the set would have taken 90 minutes start to finish.

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