Turning Archive 2008

Lucky me

Dick Hines
>I was driving pass a friends home this morning and low and behold what did see, not a fat man with a team of deer but but a large cherry burl. I stopped to ask if I could collect it. YES!!! Gald there were no cops in my end of the county. I made the 8 mile round trip in 10 minutes flat.

After looking at the tree I noticed there was a smaller bulr up a little higher. The tree was about 10" in D. I cut the tree and away I went The big burl was measured at 16"x16".

Now I have to figure out how to cut it. I could get 2 large bowls or one XXL hollow form. I guess I will spend a while just looking at it until I deside what to.

NO! I am not going to send it to any of you guys. I know what you are thinking.

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