Turning Archive 2008

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john lucas
>I know this doesn't apply to many of the folks on this board based on what I read but I'm seeing it in my clubs and classes. Many of the people taking up turning have done little if any mechanical hands on kind of things in their life.

Many new turners don't have any idea how to work a lathe with problems or tune up a bandsaw. Little things like drilling and tapping a hole are new procedures for them. One of my strongest and few memories from my childhood was my neighbor threading a hole in a piece of steel. I thought that was the coolest thing.

I think we should start teaching mechanical skills. How to use clean and store a file, how to tap a hole, etc. Simple machanical skills like how to take a tailstock apart, or shim a headstock for alignment, or simply trouble shooting lathe problems should be discussed at some point.

Those of you who grew up on the farm or grew up working on cars take this for granted but the new generation does not have these skills. Heck I can hardly work on the newer parts of my car but that's a whole nother topic. What do you all think.

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