Turning Archive 2008

Pen turning start up advice needed...

Kris Lasure
>Hello wood turners -

First off, I admit I don't own a lathe, but one of these days! It seems like I own every other woodworking machine and tool, but unfortunatley no lathe.

I'm in the commercial construction industry and have always wanted a unique "thank you" gift to give to my customers. After all, they spend a lot money with our company for buildings and besides the usual gift cards and stuff, I thought about turning pens/pencils and make custom pen cases to give to those individuals.

So my question is, where to start? Sure I need a lathe. Which one is highly recommended by you guys? I'm only looking at a mini lathe for now (since it is only pens). Then turning tools. I assume you only need a few type of gouges and such to turn a pen. Any brands you recommend. I've been through Lee Valley's catalog to start with looking at the different items needed for pen making.

I'm sure there are books out there as well as websites and other forums directed to pen making. I figured I'd start here and hear from the experts.

Any and all advice will be appreciated!



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