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Arbortech / proxxon etc. power carving tools? *LINK*

matthew fallon
>Good Morning'

i'm trying to do a bit of research on these angle grinder attachments or rotary wheel carving tools,
after checking out the arbortech products i happened across a few other varieties,so am thinking there must be a few more out there i've yet to stumble on .
seems to be 4 varieties ive seen so far. the multi toothed saw blade type,the 2 or 4 teeth carbide wheels similar to a moulder for a table-saw arbor, the spikey wheels that more resemble the burr bits for dremel/foredom high-speed rotary tool,and one wheel which has a tiny loop of chainsaw chain.

I was a bit shocked to not find any threads on them here nor on other turning forums?i know its not specifically a turning tool but imagined it'd be a popular topic for carving turnings.besides this purpose im thinking of getting "it" for shaping and carving in rustic furniture.

any thoughts towards the arbortech mini and pro4 carving accesories?
they seem great,bit pricey possibly,which spurred my interest in finding alternatives. i'm not opposed to buying these though if i can get some feedback as to their quality and durability,they seem like fine tools from what i see in their videos, the turning demos were very inspiring!!!


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