Turning Archive 2008

Maple Vessel With Branded Collar *PIC*

Bill Clark
>This is the second piece of Big Leaf Maple Iíve turned and itís a great wood to work with. It was twice turned with a soak in DNA and a drying period in between. As I was completing the final cuts I decided to try some branding. Iíve been anxious to try the branding skills I learned from Molly Wintonís demo at the AAW Symposium in Portland last summer. The collar is part of the vessel and branded to contrast with the golden maple color. The piece is 6 ĺ ď tall and 6Ē wide. The opening is 1 5/8Ē and the base is 1 ĹĒ. The walls are a true 1/8Ē all the way down to just above the base to add some weight. The piece was sealed with shellac and then finished with satin Minwax Wipe-On-Poly. All comments/critiques welcome.

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