Turning Archive 2008

Try to do a good deed...

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>And Unintended Consequences kick in. Nothing really bad, but just the normal kind of stuff that happens to me. I went into town to get some flowers for SWMBO, seeing as how today is Valentine's day and all that. I tried a different flower shop, since I discovered that the last one was selling me one thing and delivering something completely different (read lots less than what I paid for). The new shop was very helpful, but could not deliver to her worksite, since the delivery person "did not have time to wait for her" to come down from her aerie on the 7th floor. So I figured I would just go to the front desk and have them delivered from there.

It turned out that I did have to wait, and she was in a meeting. So I called one of the ladies who works right next to her, and she came down to meet me. She insisted on taking me back up to surprise SWMBO. This is the first time in 10 years of SWMBO working for this company that I have ever even been inside the building. Of course I was dressed for the occasion, with my dirty jeans, and old T shirt, and a rumpled camouflage hat. I got some real interesting looks as I was being led through a cube farm full of geeky yuppie types. At least, I had not yet turned on the lathe today! By the way, no offense to any geeky yuppie types. I married one, after all!

So now I am hiding in a cube to surprise her, when she comes in on the floor. She already knew I was there. And here is the unintended part. I had parked my truck right in front of her building, something almost unheard of in the middle of the city. It is also, shall we say, distinctive in its appearance. Her meeting was in the building across the street, and as she came out, she saw the truck, and had an immediate, but brief panic, figuring someone was hurt real bad or dead. Since the someone hurt real bad is usually me, it would beg the question of how the truck got there in the first place. But by the time she got past the desk, she knew I had a fistful of flowers and was loose in a secure zone. That had her puzzled for a while too, until she caught up with my co-conspirator.

So along with her flowers, she got a jolt of adrenaline to make her day, and I am going to brave the crowds tonight to take her to dinner as well - as long as nothing bad happens on the lathe this afternoon!


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