Turning Archive 2008

Dave Peebles handles

Jim Rutten
>Just got my Dave Peebles handles in the mail last night. I used one to create a Thomeebles tool as other people have done and the other to create a Peebleliminator. Didn't get a chance to take them for a test run, but the fit and finish to these handles are amazing. Several years ago I bought a handle at SWAT (it hadn't turned into Texas Turn or Two yet) for $40 and thought I got a steal. Dave's handles are $35! It was the little things that impressed me with these handles. I got these handles in a well packed postage tube and each of them came with an allen wrench. Now I ordered 2 handles and expected one allen wrench. Now I have an extra to lose in the shavings. Also, Dave gives a break in postage when you order more than one. Thanks, Dave.

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