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Shop built Marking knives and awls

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

I figured that since this is wood turning, I'd post this here as well as over on the Handtool forum.

Here are a couple marking knives and awls I made over the past week. The first one was made from some spalted Dogwood. It had some any holes that were filled with epoxy and coffee grounds. The ferrule is a 3/8" brass compression nut that was turned smooth. The "blade"is a section of HSS left over from a bunch I had purchased from ENCO last year (I made some 3 point turning tools). Since the wood was so "busy looking", I kept the shape simple.

After this success I decided to get fancy and cut up an old planer blade and formed (2) marking knife blades. I made a simple jig to work with my Veritas Grinder Tool Rest and ground the edge. Then I got fancy and honed and polished the faces so that they shone. I then used some ebony, and some bubinga scraps to make the handles. Like before, I used compression nuts as the ferrules.

It's pretty much the same story with the bubinga awl as with the dogwood one. Except I used a section of 3/16" HSS rod as the blade. I wanted something with a bit more heft, and a steeper angle to the point.

I admit, I went a bit over the top when it came to sanding. All were sanded to 15000 grit (micro mesh). I guess that's my old pen turning influence showing up again!

The finish is multiple coats of Watco's Danish Oil followed by a coat of Renaissance Wax.

Thanks for Viewing!

See ya around,

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