Turning Archive 2008

Now THAT'S service

Steven Kubien
>I just got an email from Kel McNaughton offering to send me the missing screw from my coring rig. Totally unsolicited and most welcome. Turns out I had a set screw in my shop of the correct size and pitch so I told him to save the postage from New Zealand. Still, it shows that some folks really care about making things right. Heck, let's be honest... That screw may have slipped out of the box at the retailer or in my shop without my knowledge. Thanks Kel.

BTW, the first coring operation went ok. While the walls are not of even thickness, I did manage to extract a core for another bowl and much faster than if I had used a gouge to get a rough-out. Too bad I snapped off the tenon on the large rough-out but that is my fault, not the tool's. Yes, I have a video en-route to speed the learning curve but I just couldn't let this nice new tool sit in my shop looking unloved.

More questions are sure to come about this set-up before long.

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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