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Thomeebles Tools

>Hey gang,

Every now and then we come across a tool that we just can't keep a secret from our fellow turners. I have done just that. In October I bought a 1/2" U flute Thompson bowl gouge at the OVWG Symposium but had yet to make a handle for it. Last week I purchased a Peebles tool handle that fits a 1/2" tool. The handle arrived yesterday and I was happily spending a day in the shop on the second of two rare sunny mild days as of late. The handle looked fantastic and I slipped the Thompson tool in it and locked it down and chucked up a scrappy maple blank to make some test cuts on and instantly fell in love with this handle and tool combo. The weight and balance of the handle was perfect for the tool and it just felt great to turn with. I've been a big fan of the black handled Crown Pro PM 3/8" bowl gouges for years and have 4 of them in my arsenal with different grinds on them. I've always loved the way they feel in my hands. just a comfy fit. I will say though that this Thompson/Peebles combo rivals them for sure.

Dave thanks for the speedy delivery. I'm hoping that lots of others will find your handles as comfy as I do. Doug enough has been said. your tools rock! I love this U flute even better than the V.

One Happy Customer.

Jen :)

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