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Chinese version Super Nova Chuck *PIC*

Bill Blasic
>There have been discussions about the quality of the Nova Chucks coming from China. That being the case I wanted to know for myself what it was going to be. I got one from the first shipment sent, randomly picked and have checked it out pretty thoroughly. These are my findings to follow. When in Cleveland last Saturday for the monthly meeting of the North Coast Woodturners I stopped at Woodcraft and picked up a 1 1/4 X 8 Pinnacle adapter (these fit the Nova chucks) as I knew I would need an insert.

The chuck arrived and upon opening the box it looked just like the box from a NZ Super Nova2 chuck. I was looking for a made in China sticker which was added to the box and read Designed by Teknatoll International - Manufactured by Teknatool International PRC. I assume that is Peoples Republic of China. Other than that I did not find any markings on the chuck itself that specifically says Made in China. As a matter of fact the dust shield on the back still says made in New Zealand. You will notice in the picture that the the Chinese version (picture on the left) has deeper lines machined toward the face where as the New Zealand version has lighter lines towards the bottom and other than the bigger radius on the face of the NZ chuck and the wording on the the locking mechanism says IN on the Chinese and LOCK on the NZ version there are no other visual differences.

Upon opening and closing the slides I found no difference between the two chucks, both operated very smoothly. I put the Pinnacle adapter on the Chinese and mounted it on the lathe. With a dial bore gauge I checked run out on the OD which was .003, I checked runout on the face and it was .002. I then put on the NZ chuck with the Nova insert and checked the same places - .003 and .002. I then switched the adapters and made the same check again. Both were identical to the first reading .003 and .002. I then tried the same thing with my old Super Nova and a G3, same readings! I was mildly surprised to find them all so very close.

The fit and finish of the Chinese version is very nice and I'll keep an eye on it to see how it wears in use. My NZ Super Nova 2 has a little pitting so we'll see how the other does over time. If there is anything someone would like checked out let me know. It shows to me at the moment that the Chinese version is at least as good as the NZ version and with time might even be a hair better, we'll see. Hope this helps, at the moment it at least tells me they are trying. Yes I too wish that everything that used to be made here and other places were still made here and other places, that's a sad fact that I can't do much about.

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