Turning Archive 2008

Cardiac Lamp *PIC*

john lucas
>This will be my entry in the Turned for Use AAW competition. I call it the Cardiac lamp. It is part of my problems with aging series. There are 30 individual Pieces if you include a couple of custom made brackets and spacer. The EKG and the AED paddles were woodburned. The heart was carved and the AED had all sorts of wood and metal working. The heart has replacement arteries. No they don't pump blood. Everyone I showed the lamp to asked that question.

The main body of the piece was an experiment. It was turned from Green cherry, hollowed with the pith dead center. It was hollowed to about 3/8" and then I put hose clamps on the top and bottom hoping it would stay round. The top stayed round to about .020" and the bottom stayed round except for an area with a knot. It was out about .070". I concealed the gap and out of round with the aluminum rings. I had to custom fit the inside of each ring.

I lost count of how many hours I've spent on this piece. Probably 15 to 20. Custom fitting the heart and the paddles to the curves on the lamp was fairly time consuming, as was carving the heart and milling out all the various recess in the AED to run the wires.

I has a touch control inside so when you touch the silver AED button the lamp comes on. I had to make a custom bracket to hold the touch control as well.

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