Turning Archive 2008

Dust Collector /Turning problem?

Barry Irby
>I have not hooked my DC up to the lathe or even made a hood for it. I bring the hose up close when I am sanding and hook it in the banjo, but other than that I just let the shavings fly and use the DC to vac them up with a four inch hose.

Yesterday I sucked up the shavings from a sycamore hollow form and noticed the DC making a sort of odd vibration/noise. My DC is outside in a small closet and the pipe for it comes straight through the wall. I pulled the fitting off the inside and found the impeller pretty well covered in nice stringy shavings. (Its a Delta 1 1/2hp unit with an upper filter bag and a lower plastic bag.) I reached in through the pipe (6" S & D PVC) and brushed the shavings off. Spun it up and then cleaned off the little bit that was left.

I have been using the DC in this set up for about three years. Never noticed this before. I am wondering if it would have cleared itself if I had left it alone? I also noticed the vanes were rough around the edges. Clearly just crude stampings with no effort to finish or smooth the edges. I am wondering if it would be worth while to file the edges smooth? Would they be less likely to grab stuff out of the air/would it slide off better? OTOH, I don't want to through it out of balance.

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