Turning Archive 2008

Another Birdhouse *PIC*

Curt Fuller
>I think this is the most time I've ever taken to make something on my lathe. And probably the last time I'll do it. This is a segmented maple with walnut trimmings birdhouse. It's 16" tall by 7.5" diameter. The story behind the chimney sticking out of the roof is that I let one of the rings slip when I was glueing them together. So when I started turning the shape of the birdhouse I got too thin and a little hole came through. So it was either go back and make some more rings, throw the damned thing in the garbage, or try to come up with a way to fix it. That was my fix. The finish is spar urethane. I gotta say my hat goes of to the segmenters that make all those fancy designs. I pulled my hair out just making plain rings.

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