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Onesay Stonghold chuck, the right choice?

Scott in Montana

I am very new to the world of bowl turning, but look forward to getting started. I recently purchased a barely used Vega model 24, 24" bowl lathe. Now it isn't the big model 27, but I figured it was a good place to start and the price was right.

My question is this... Rockler is having a 20% off on one item sale until the tenth of this month. The catch is that the sale doesn't apply to items already on sale. The Oneway Talon is on sale for $179.99 so it doesn't qualify for the sale. They also have the Oneway Stronghold chuck for $269.99, which after the 20% discount is priced around $218. Oneway recommends this chuck for lathes larger than 16". Now my lathe is a 24", but not as heavy duty as the majority of large lathes. Is this a good choice for my lathe or is the Talon a better choice?

Maybe neither of these is a good choice?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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