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Update on Auriou rasps

Andi Wolfe
>I get a newsletter from Classic Handtools from the UK. I purchased a couple of the last Auriou rasps available after the company went out of business. It looks like there are plans to resume manufacturing of these fine rasps sometime in the near future:

Auriou - Latest Update
Last Thursday 24 January the machinery, blanks and residual stock of Auriou were auctioned in St Juery, Albi, France. Of longer term interest to Auriou devotees is the genuine hope that production of their world famous rasps and rifflers will begin again later this year.

In the shorter term a list is being compiled of over 600 rasps and rifflers that will be sold through Classic Hand Tools. The list will be available as an excel spreadsheet, to register your interest in receiving this list please email sales@classichandtools.co.uk quoting Auriou Rasps and Rifflers in the subject field.

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Update on Auriou rasps
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