Turning Archive 2008

Woodturning magazine

john lucas
>I just got the February issue of Woodturning magazine. I believe Mark Baker has just stepped it up a notch. It is really packed with good stuff. The best of course is an article by Kevin Wallace on Clay Foster. The readers Gallery which has always been pretty sparse has some excellent work.

I think there is something for everyone in this issue from plain bowl turning to more serious work. There is an article on how Hans Weisflogg does his lattice work.

There's also a wonderful article on how to save a bowl with an extreme crack in it by Ger Vervoot. He deserves some serious atta boy's for this one. It's pretty involved so I won't go into it here but it's basically cut in half. Held together with some glue blocks so there is a space, returned and a contrasting wood put in where the piece was cut in half and the insert is sanded kind of like Intarsia. This is more than a save, this is a great piece.

There is an article on coloring and piercing and an detailed article on building stacking boxes.

I can't wait to read this issue, it is chocked full of great things.

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