Turning Archive 2008

Identifying wood

Bob Macgregor
>We just went through an ice storm that took a lot of branches and trees down (as well as power poles!). Over the next few months, I'll be collecting a lot of the larger pieces for firewood and setting some aside for turning.
When I label my pieces I note the type of wood, but sometimes have to be generic (eg, "maple", where it could be red, silver or sugar; or "birch" where it could be white, yellow, grey). After being stacked all together in the wood pile for six months or a year, I lose track of exactly what kind of wood it was, especially with the maples. Something tells me it should matter--that I should be accurate as to wood species-- but does it really?
What do you think? Should I be more careful and segregate my woodpile better or label the sealed logs?

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