Turning Archive 2008

OT - camera features suggestions

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>I am trying to compile a list of camera features for a friend who is going on a trip and won't borrow my camera, so if she loses it, I have an excuse for buying a new one!

She is not a camera person, nor a computer person for that matter.

She needs something very simple, including the means to get her pictures off the camera into the computer.

My first suggestion was with regard to batteries - rechargeable AA's with charger.

What else?

BTW, someone told her about a Sony Cybershot. It is the only one brought to her awareness thus far, so I suspect others will be compared to it, fair or unfair.

2nd BTW. This 'friend' is my boss! So whatever really good help I can be in this matter won't hurt me one bit. So your best informed suggestions are much more than welcome! TIA!

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