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Frank Miller Lumber Mill Tour Date!

>Hey gang, looks like Monday, April 21 is going to be the date for the Frank Miller Lumber Mill tour! I know this will work for some and not for others so my apologies in advance for those who wonít be able to make it.

For those of you who arenít familiar with Frank Miller Lumber you can go here to get acquainted. www.frankmiller.com

The tour is amazing if youíve never seen. Iím seen it a few times and it never gets old. Even if youíre not into woodworking itís an incredibly educational tour. Afterwards the shopping for gorgeous lumber is just as fun!

I will firm up the start times for the tour and let you know exactly what time it will start. I would guess around 10:00 am. Depending on how many we have in attendance we may do a split tour. While group #1 sees the mill the other half can shop for lumber and then they can go on the tour when the first group gets back.

If anyone is up for it we can all arrange to have lunch someplace either near the mill or just a bit down the road in Richmond, IN. Probably more choices and more able to seat us all in Richmond. Anyway the main reason for this update is for the date. Again, Monday April 21st! Hope to see you there!

Please, email me at jshirley@iquest.net and let me know if you will be there and how many in your party.



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