Turning Archive 2008

STUPID CA finish!!!!!!! HATE IT! Please help?

Mark Williamson
>I have been trying to get the knack of a CA finish! I don't know what I am doing wrong. Could someone expain how you get such a shiney, evenly smooth finish? I constantly get runs (Not to be confused with getting THE RUNS, although, my end result IS pretty SH*&Y!) and it dosn't ever seem to build up?! I am very frustrated with the end result and more often than not, sanding the darn thing back down and just putting on the Hut's friction polish or just feeling the satisfiying "crunch" under my feet! I would appreciate any help anyone could offer as I am really tired of screwing up so many mini's!
Also, any thoughts on the Hut's liquid friction polish? I would like to know if there is anything that is as easy to apply but more durrable? I would like to turn some more pens (other than acrylic) but I am not trusting that this friction polish is durable enough.


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