Turning Archive 2008

Another Stopper Thought

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I have been thinking about those turners who have sold a lot of chrome plated stoppers but have never had a complaint. I never had a complaint either. In fact I would not have known except that my stoppers corroded and my sister's corroded. We are both red wine drinkers. If you sell a lot of stoppers, there is a good chance that if someone had a complaint they would either not know to whom they should complain or they just wouldn't bother. Either way they would not be anxious to buy another.

I told the company from whom I bought those chrome stoppers about the corrosion. Their response was that I was the first one to have a problem. Of course I knew better than that. I might have been the first one to let them know but I hardly think my sister and I were the first to have the problem.

If you drink a whole bottle of wine in the same evening the chrome plated stopper will last forever; it isn't being used. If you drink one glass a night, the stopper is in continuous use and will corrode.

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