Turning Archive 2008

Bowl/chair part kiln...

Rob Hix - King George, VA
>Ok all you turners,

Do any of you use a bowl kiln (i.e. a box with light bulbs) for drying your bowls?

I am looking for some ideas on them for some projects that I have upcoming. The main thing I will be using mine for right now is super-drying the tenoned pieces of chairs, stool, foot stools etc. By super drying the tenons then finish turning them, when they are put into the chair/stool legs, the tenons swell back up and lock the joints.

Basically I would like to get some ideas. So, if you could post pictures or references to articles, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Rob Hix

P.S. If you use one, throw in your experience with a kiln schedule.

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