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locking lathe spindle - Mr. Crandall??

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>OK, since the min-lathe is going to undergo surgery anyway...

I have trouble with my arthritic hands (and lack of hand strength) in turning the blank on to the worm screw. The worm screw is in the chuck and the chuck is on the spindle. I have to hold the spindle and keep it from turning with one hand, and then try to turn the blank on to the worm screw with the other. Sadly, my hands are no longer up to that task.

How can I lock the spindle so I can use two hands to turn on the blank?

Exterior lock, largely in my way if I had any thoughts about trying to turn on the lathe with the lock in effect. Maybe in conjunction with an index plate somehow?


Mr. Crandall? I defer to your genius.

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