Turning Archive 2008

Partitioning the workshop

Bob Macgregor
>When my new lathe comes in, I'll be placing it in my basement shop closer to my forced-air furnace. To reduce the spread of chips and dust, I want to install some sort of partitioning system around my lathe. I don't want to make this permanent walls, so, at first I was thinking of a bunch of shower curtains. It occurs to me that, alternatively, several wide pull-down window shades might do the trick nicely.
Has anybody used this approach? How well does it work (ie, does it keep chips in and does it help with dust control)? Does dust adhere (electrostatically?) to the shades/shower curtains very much? Do the curtains get in the way when you are turning...or not (shades would retract right up to the [low] ceiling]? Any design warnings or advice will be appreciated.

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