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Help, technical machinery question

Ruth Niles
>I think you all remembeer my stuck face plate saga. Then the front bearing needed replacing because I believe I melted the lubricant in it. During the process of disassembling the headstock, using a block of wood with a hammer to move the pulley back enough to expose the key lock, the wood slipped upwards and broke a small piece of the smallest pulley section. About 3/4" - 1" in a half-moon shape.
I cleaned it and glued it back, filed it smooth so you can't even feel it and the belt rides true.

I replaced the front bearing, there was a vibration when I turned a test piece. General said the pulley is off balance because of that tiny break, a machinist who makes lathes said I probably messed up the rear bearing because of all the pounding necessary to remove and replace everything in the headstock. So I replaced the rear bearing. He said whenever you remove a bearing, which I had to do to get to the front one, it has to be replaced.

With nothing on the lathe it runs quiet and absolutely true and smooth. With wood on, I'm not happy, I can't get a clean cut, it's like the wood is vibrating. I put the belt on the second step in the pulley but that cuts the speed in 1/2, it's more torque but not enough speed.

Before this lathe goes out the door and I take up glass blowing, any thoughts or suggestions?

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