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OT furnace blower noise

Dick Coers
>Just thought I would pass on some info if you service your own furnace. I had a heck of a noise coming from the furnace when the blower came on. It was just during the initial startup, and stopped when the blower was at speed. Simple fix, replace the start capacitor, nope, still had the noise. Replaced the motor because I felt end play in the bearings when I had the motor out. Nope, still had the noise. Finally a turning friend tell me that he has replaced two squirrel cages in his furnace. That was it! Seems the center sheet metal hub is two pieces stamped together and will start to seperate with time. The furnace supplier asked me if it was "growling" at me, YUP!!!!!! Should have replaced the entire blower since all I didn't replace was the sheet metal housing! Just couldn't imagine that the cage would "wear out".

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OT furnace blower noise
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How timely.
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