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Modified Homemade Buffing System *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>This pic is a shot of my buffing motor. This motor got too hot when I had it on the little Vicmarc, so I decided to use it as a buffing motor. It's not on long enough to get hot, now... works well.
I mounted the motor on a corner of a table, and bought an extra long mandrel for the 5/8" motor shaft, which allows me to buff the insides of larger bowls without hitting anything. The piece of carpet is insurance.
I put a piece of pipe insulation around the long mandrel and duct tape over that, which allows me to grab the shaft to stop the motor instantly, instead of having to wait for it to wind down.
I epoxied a large washer behind the nut, which gives me a good gripping surface to loosen the buffs by hand.

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Modified Homemade Buffing System *PIC*
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