Turning Archive 2008

Thanks and an update

Steven Kubien
>Thank you to everyone's help and suggestions regarding my slipping motor pully problem. I tried to remove the pulley in order to make sure everything was hunkydory inside but couldn't get the sucker off (bizarre that this is slipping and unmoving at the same time). Determined not to give up, I reset the pulley and screw. The set screw is currently Loctited in place and the lathe is running smoother than ever. I did notice a small crack on the lowest step of the pulley and a replacement being looked at.

When the replacement gets here I am still going to have the chore of getting the old pulley off. Any suggestions that won't damage the motor or shaft? I am thinking of making a sort of rip cut across the pulley steps and opening it up like a clam shell. Other ideas are certainly welcome!

Steve Kubien

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