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Beaded Vessel 5308 *PIC*

Bruce Forrest
>There are a number of different ways to look at the evolution of this piece.
One is that it is a continuation of a series of different completely beaded forms (e.g . 5238 and 5307(previous post)) on which I decided to stop the beading short of the top because tight curves are not really conducive to beading.
Another is that it is a continuation of an “emerging” series exemplified by 5301 and 5302 (recent posts). The present piece was not dyed or bleached so the issue of color would not be a factor. It can be thought of as simply an extension of 5302 in which the beading was extended upwards to emphasize the idea of something emerging from something else. The beads are also a bit smaller so that they will not overpower the piece.
It could also be viewed as an extension of 5301 in which beads were used instead of flutes to convey the idea of “emerging”. And the beading was continued upwards slightly to reinforce the idea.
This is, of course, ash, and measures about 7 1/2 inches tall.
All comments welcome.

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