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My Cone Jig For Finishing Hollow Form Bottoms *PIC*

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

Last night at the chat, we were discussing jigs to finish the bottom of a hollow form. I mentioned that I had one made from scrap Corian and and old photocopier rod. Ellis asked me if I would post the photo (sorry I don't have a drawing package) in case anyone here at WC wanted to make one up.

Specs: I call this a "Treat" rod, it is known under many other names as well, but since I'm from Texas, I call it by its Texanese name... :-)

The main rod is 18" long and is tapped in the end and threaded. It features a grub screw to secure a sanding mop, or high density pad. The cone is turned from Corian scraps and is also treaded for a grub screw. The photo does not show it too well, but there is a solid metal bar inlaid into the side where the grub screw is to provide a harder wearing surface. The end of the rod fits into a Jacob's chuck.

The Corian cone is adjustable up and down the length of the rod to accommodate different height hollow forms... I have been using this to finish many of my hollow forms for eleven or twelve years. It runs true and works very well indeed. Give it a try and see for yourself how easy you can finish the bottom of a hollow form. Take care and all the best to you and yours!

Steve Russell
The Woodlands, Texas

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