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Standing on the shoulder of giants...

steve antonucci
>I've been reading the responses below regarding lessons vs. going it alone. Interesting topic (to me at least), and since I know some of the people and agree with both sides of the argument, I'll try to stay out of it...


How important do you think learning vs others vs. self exploration is? I'll start with the following:

I think initially EVERY turner benefits from learning from others. We all need to understand how tools cut, good technique, good form and other input is extremely helpful in getting you to a certain point.

However, I think that at some point, you end up needing to be alone to explore doing new, and sometimes "uncomfortable" things. I mean "uncomfortable" in the sense that we may not know how to do it, or it may have never been done and we have to create it. I mean "uncomfortable" in that we might have to expose more of ourselves than we might care to expose.

I wish that I had taken lessons earlier to get past some of the beginner issues. I could have started self exploration at a much earlier time.

Jump in folks.


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