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This week the editors of Popular Woodworking officially launched a new sister publication that will change the way you work if you subscribe. We call it Woodworking Magazine.

Woodworking Magazine is written to fill in the inevitable gaps in our skills that result from teaching ourselves woodworking. I'm sure you know what I mean: You want to build a blanket chest, so you teach yourself to cut dovetails even though you've never sawn a single joint by hand.

Woodworking Magazine shows you the historical, time-tested and frequently forgotten methods to saw any joint not just dovetails (sawing is the topic of our very next issue, by the way). But we're not just about hand-tool skills. Our summer 2008 issue will absolutely change the way you think about, cut and assemble finger joints cut with a router.

[description]Woodworking Magazine is about more than techniques. We review tools that other magazines don't have the space or inclination to deal with, but are extremely important, such as 6" rules, screws, combination squares and moisture meters.

Plus, we offer projects you won't find elsewhere. We build only time-tested forms in classic styles, such as Arts & Crafts, Shaker and early American. More importantly, we pick projects that can be built without an enormous outlay of time, wood or tools.

And that's not all that's different. Woodworking Magazine has no advertisements and is filled only with pure woodworking information, glorious hand-drawn illustrations and sepia-toned images.

You might have seen us mention Woodworking Magazine in other issues of our newsletter, or perhaps you've seen the magazine at the bookstore. That's because we've been publishing it as an experimental newsstand-only magazine since 2004.

But now, thanks to a dedicated following, we have decided to publish the magazine four times a year and offer it via subscription for $19.96 ($24.96 in Canada). The decision was easy, thanks to thousands of readers like Bill Wiese, who wrote to say:

"Woodworking-Magazine is the most important contribution to woodworking since the invention of electricity. If I could give an Oscar, or some other widget, for achievements in woodworking publications you all would smack-dab snatch it away in fine style."

If you're ready to subscribe, we're ready to take your order. Click on the button below and we'll sign you up to receive the next issue, which mails in March.

Christopher Schwarz
Editor, Woodworking Magazine


[description]P.S. Still not sure if you want to subscribe? Here is a link to download a complete issue of Woodworking Magazine for free. Click on this link and the issue will start downloading immediately to your computer. No strings attached. No credit card needed. Just a click. (It's a 10 mb file, so you'll want to download it on a high-speed connection.) Look it over today. We know you'll like what you see and want to subscribe.


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