Turning Archive 2008

Using Cole Jaws

Justin Fields
>Hi folks.

I'm a rookie turner and I've been having some problems with Cole jaws. I've made a grand total of 4 small bowls so far. In trying to finish the bottoms of the bowls with feet, I've used Cole jaws. On two bowls, the jaws left visible marks on the outside of the bowls, but otherwise worked fine. I was mostly able to run the marks off. On the other two bowls, I ended up with all-but finished pieces flying across the room and cracking/smashing.

So, my track record with the jaws isn't so hot. What methods do you all use to hold the pieces securely enough so they don't fall out, don't obstruct the bottom you are going to finish, and don't mark up or mess up the rims of the bowls.

I thought of putting rubber bands over the jaws and piece together, midway up the sides, but that seems like it ought to be unecessary. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong, or other ways to go about this?



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