Turning Archive 2008

A little help from my friends...

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I need a favor, and I need it from some folks who know me well enough to know I am what I am. This is not a devious trick to get some free promotion, so if you don't know me, this posting is not for you.

I got an email from a gentleman this evening who was perusing my commercial website. He clicked on the video preview for my second DVD, and at the end of the preview, he got an image with a link that took him to a porn site. SWMBO and I have been all over the site, and we cannot find anything like this. She even went through all our FTP folders looking to see if anyone had hacked into them. We can't find anything.

Our church has a website that is hosted by the same ISP, and that site WAS hacked into very recently, so that people were subjected to advertisements for Viagra. Those files were placed on the site in such a way that SWMBO, who maintains the site for the church, could not touch them and we needed someone at the ISP to remove them. But we can't find anything like that on my site.

So, if you are willing, able, and are made of stern enough stuff that seeing a naughty bit or two won't fluster you, I would appreciate it if you could see if you can find something on my site and let me know about it.

Again, this is not a trick to promote anything, I just want to be sure that people coming to my site are not getting something they shouldn't.



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