Turning Archive 2008

Material for pen turning - Dakota burl

>Has anyone used the Dakota burl pen blank yet? The material made from sunflower seeds. If so, have you had any problems with it? I turned a cigar pen using it and sold the pen very quickly however, lass than a month later, the customer called me back and said that it was falling apart. He loves the pen and would like another one just like it. I am afraid that if I turn him another one with the same pen blank, it will in fact be JUST LIKE the first one and fall apart? I thought maybe he had just dropped it a few times or something? After inspecting the pen, it really is just crumbling apart?! As expensive as they are, you woul dthink that it wouldn't do that? It is sold as a pen blank, again you would think that it would have been tested as a pen before marketing as such? Do you think I just got a bad blank?

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