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new macro lens *PIC*

JohnKJordan in East TN
>The UPS driver brought a macro lens for my newest Olympus dSLR today. Looking around the house for something little to photograph, I decided to try making some miniatures on the lathe. Using some fine grained ebony and cocobolo, I made a goblet, magic wand, and several spinning tops. (I actually got two of them to spin.)

The goblet is just over 1/2" tall and just under 1/3" in diameter. The wand is less than an inch long and 1/10" in diameter at the widest point.

This is my first attempt at turning tiny things, so don't be too harsh! I used my usual spindle gouge and skew chisel. I found tiny things were 1) easy to turn, 2) hard to finish, and 3) rejects wouldn't make much firewood. :) Also, I think I could use some stronger glasses.

As for the photos, I forgot to set the white balance on the camera and I had to correct the fire out of these in Photoshop, so the quality suffered. My photo studio consisted of aa couple of desk lamps and three sheets of paper, two as diffusers. It looks like the lens will work well for small things.

The bottom photo shows all of the pieces on a US penny for scale.


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new macro lens *PIC*
Looks like a pretty good lense.
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