Turning Archive 2008

Wednesday Night Chat

Stuart Johnson
>Once again we are without a moderator for the Wednesday night chat sessions and in my opinion we are back to just drifting along. There is some turning chat but most of it general off topic stuff that while interesting is still off topic. We have also had a decline in participation. I don't know if this is the result of no topics or just a loss of interest in turning chats but it is time we get back on track.

In hopes of things picking up I would like to suggest a topic for this Wednesday. Lighting, we have seen a bunch of discussion here regarding lights for the lathe. If there no other suggestions I would like to talk about shop lighting in general along with lathe specific lighting. What do you have? How could it improved and what would you like to have?

Now back to a moderator. I don't feel I have the turning experience for the job so won't volunteer but there must be others.

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