Turning Archive 2008

Puriri box... *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>A friend on another forum played Secret Santa and sent me a box of blanks suitable for turning boxes of various woods from New Zealand. He included blanks of puriri, rimu, black maire, ancient kauri and kauri woods. Some of the blanks he had roughed himself and they had been allowed to dry in his shop. This box was turned from a blank that he had roughed out using a Forstner bit so all I had to do was shape the exterior and finish hollowing the inside. I rough turn boxes and partially hollow with a gouge and have never considered drilling out the interior when roughing.

This box is 2" tall and 2 3/4" in diameter. Puriri is a fine grained wood, easy to turn and has a bit of a spicy smell. It was a pleasure to turn. This box is very light and has a most wonderful lid fit. My wife took possession almost immediately upon bringing it into the house.

Comments appreciated...

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