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Stellar Clewes class *PIC*

Chip in Plano
>Just completed 2 2-day classes at Canyon Studios (canyonstudios.org) with Jimmy Clewes and his partner Mary. Gene is the owner is great guy, too, with an impressive pyle of orange osage in the backyard. Tremendous experience. Great studio setting.

The first class was wood coloring with 5 students. We learned how to layer and combine colors. I opted to do things differently to see the effect and got decent results. Jimmy stood by and helped me rescue my piece. Jimmy's method should be followed. We did a saucer shape with a small recess which was gilded. We also did a platter/bowl with a 2.5inch rim which was colored. I deviated from Jimmy's instruction once again. At least now I know what not to do and how to recover from bad ideas.

The 2nd 2-day session was all boxes. We turned an asian square box with square lid. Both box and top had uplifted ogee corners. The second project was clam shell box in cherry. Get the joint is tricky. I didn't get it until the 3rd try. Making the 2 halves symetrical is another tricky point. The last box was a rectangular asian style. If you ever seen Jimmy's earlier videos, you might have seen it with a gilded recess. The picture is of him doing this box the prototype is sitting on the lathe weys(?). He's starting the profile on the bottom using a 3x3x7 block spinning at 3000 rpm. It was quite a sight and I stood behind the tailstock for safety and because I could see through the wood anyway. It's not as hard of a piece to turn.

What I got most out of the experience was using the right tools and using the right techniques. Lighter cuts. Jimmy is a recent transplant to the US and is extremely complimentary of our culture. He is a dedicated teacher, entertaining, patient and a skilled artist. Mary did a great job behind the scenes for everyone there.

Jimmy even demo'd at the Golden Triangle Woodturner's club to about 60 people.

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