Turning Archive 2008

Sometimes it just takes a REAL photographer *PIC*

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>I hate to admit this publicly, but I thought it worthy to share since we talk a lot about photography around here.

Lately, I have been experiencing some angst due to the fact that I'm having difficulty getting true color on the pictures that I've been taking of different kinds of wood. Even with the camera set for incandescent, I was having trouble with the color going too far to yellow, using quartz halogen lights.

Anyhoo, I have a friend (besides John Lucas) who is quite a good photographer and I finally coerced her into coming by and helping me figure out how to go about getting better color with my camera.

She and I spent quite a little while looking around the available space to try to figure out where best to position the light box. We even went to the basement and took a look at a former coal chute that looked to be about ideal for the application.

After we returned upstairs, I was building up the fire and she was just kind of looking around, when she said, "You know, for right now you could just take your pictures out here next to the front windows."

So suddenly, out of the blue, there is the epiphany! It never had occurred to me, and probably wouldn't have if she hadn't brought it up, that a pair of 12'W x 8'H windows facing east/south east could actually be a decent light source for photography. 8^]

So, after one of those mental head-slaps, I realized that what I had done wrong was to start by finding a space to put the photographed object first and then trying to add lighting, when I would have been better off to just take the object to the light.

At least now I know how to get what I need with the equipment I have. Don't know why I never noticed those windows before. 8^]


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